Northwood's Adventure Pontoon Style

Benny and Lucas, Just remember what you're bringing along on the 4th.

Enjoy your week guys, see you all 4th of July weekend.

Clear Lake Dawn

Dawn 6-18-05 over Clear Lake

Dawn at Clear Lake Channel

Dawn from the Clear Lake Bridge overlooking Clear Lake 6-18-05

Clear Lake Dawn

Clear Lake Dawn 6-18-05

Fawn Lake Dawn

Dawn on Fawn Lake 6-18-05

Dawn on Fawn Lake

Dawn in the Swamp

Dawn from the Dock

Dawn 6-18-05 from our dock looking towards the corner.

Dawn on Spider Lake

Spider Lake from the dock at Dawn on 6-18-05

Dawn on Spider Lake

Dawn in the Channel

Otter swimming on dawn of 6-18-05

Let the Games Begin

Pontooning on Little Star

Chuck and the Girls


Ben and Lucas

Don't forget what your bringing


Looks Like Fun

The Girls

Lots of Pontoons

The Boys


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Friday, March 10, 2006 5:27 PM

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