Planting Trees May 8th 2004

For father's day Mike gave Lonnie 50 trees.  25 sugar maple and 25 Colorado spruce.  The trees came early and we decided that they would only make it to father's day if we planted them, so we did.   It was a beautiful 65 degree day.

Lonnie Planting

Lonnie planted the trees and water them right away.

Lonnie Again

Planting hard

Lonnie and Mike

Together as a team they got all 50 trees planted

Lonnie and Mike

Still working hard


She supervised and made sure the trees got in the right place

Lonnie and Kathy

They sure look like they are enjoying the nice day

Colorado Spruce

This is one of the Colorado spruces that we planted

The bud of a Colorado Spruce

What a shot

Sugar Maple

Wow, with a close up like that you can really see the bud


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